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What our clients say about us


In the summer of 2011. Siemens Gas Turbine Design group was introduced to McNolty Mechanical Inc. at the National Research Council M10-F turbine test facility, in Ottawa, Canada. McNolty had recently been awarded a contract to install a high temperature natural gas fuel delivery system, (all 316L Stainless steel) to supply our Combustor testing in test rig #2. The nature of their project was quite complex and of a very high quality requirement. It was based on the success that NRC/McNolty were having together with the fuel delivery system that Siemens became interested in having our challenges from a mechanical/welding perspective supported by the McNolty group.

After discussions on scope of supply, and a review of both their technical strengths, and McNolty’s ability to service our needs off site at their facility in Wendover Ontario, a relationship was formed. I am happy to formally state that McNolty performed within Siemens parameters and handled with the utmost care, our multiple systems, and all intricate parts and pieces. With great attention to detail, and consistently meeting critical timeline objectives. The field staff along with all McNolty’s representatives were courteous, professional and worked seamlessly with Siemens staff/scheduling, and had our projects interest at heart. I have no hesitation in recommending McNolty for similar type activities as they performed for us on the above noted project.

Steve Ramier

Group Lead, Gas Turbine Engineering, Combustion Systems Design & Testing, Siemens Energy


McNolty has completed multiple projects, repairs, replacements and improvements for Utilities Management Services over several years, related to Central Heating and Cooling Plants, equipment and distribution systems.

The services provided, included, planning, fabrication, installation or repair to major utility systems, which required specialized high-pressure welding/fitting and welding procedures. McNolty has consistently provided professional services meeting project timelines and ensures safety and quality assurance are a priority.”

Ralph Greenough

Utilities Management Services, PWGSC


Due to the nature of our work, we tend to fabricate the majority of our prototype systems from high grade stainless steels and alloys. Our systems are often also attached to larger pilot-scale installations, which possess delicate electrical components or specialty refractory liners. Moreover, in some applications high pressure is also an issue, necessitating an adherence to TSSA and ASME standards and codes. For these reasons I feel very fortunate to have engaged the services of McNolty on a number of our projects. Their expertise in specialized welding and mechanical assembly as well as their extensive experience with pressure systems has made them my preferred choice to both build and modify our bench and pilot-scale equipment. In addition, I found them to be an extremely professional and capable organization, which maintained a very high level of quality and always met its deadlines.  I would highly recommend McNolty to anyone who is considering the fabrication or modification of atmospheric or pressurized systems, which could involve high grade stainless steel or alloys.

Carlos Salvador

Senior Research Engineer, Zero Emission Technologies Group, CanmetENERGY, NRC

Black & MacDonald Ltd.

BLACK & McDONALD has a long standing working relationship with McNOLTY.  This relationship stems from a mutual commitment to quality and attention to detail.  B&M has subcontracted critical pipe/steel fabrication assignments and on site pipe welding contracts to McNOLTY.

B&M and McNOLTY have teamed up on several fast-track, complex piping projects. Recently, we’ve completed a $2.2M Aircraft Fueling Pipeline at CFB TRENTON, a $3.0M emergency temporary boiler plant at Cliff Street in Ottawa for PWGSC and a $300,000 valve refurbishment assignment on the process water systems for AECL Laboratories in Chalk River.

McNOLTY compliments the B&M crew, they understand the tasks and allotted timeframes and work diligently and professionally to ensure all scheduling commitments are met.

B&M would recommend McNOLTY  and their team of experienced superintendents and qualified tradesmen for any future construction projects.

Peter Jowsey

Manager Sales & Estimating, Black & MacDonald Ltd.

Brookfield Properties Corp.

York International was contracted by our firm to supply and install a 500-ton variable speed drive chiller, free cooling heat exchange, and all mechanical electrical and architecture work to create a new mechanical room and tie it in to our existing 3000-ton central chilled water plant.  McNolty was sub-contracted to carry out the installation and welding of the chilled water piping which included approximately 300 feet of supply and return piping. The piping system was mostly 12″ steel pipe but included 8″, 10″ and a tie-in to our existing 18″ header. They also installed seven chilled water pumps ranging from 40-75 HP and their associated fittings.

All welding and fitting was of the highest quality and the execution of the work was excellent as well. At all times the job site was kept clean, well organized and safe. McNolty staff were extremely cooperative with our staff in ensuring all details of the piping met the design intentions and would be serviceable in the future. This cooperation was commended by both the project managers and the operations staff. The tie-in was held on a weekend as the shutdown of our central chilled water plant affected two city blocks. The shutdown was executed exactly as planned and the plant was restored to operation with no delays.

The entire project was carried out with no negative impact on the operation of our facilities and without disruption to our tenants.  The complete project was up and running within the expected timelines and the new chiller plant is a pleasure to operate. We have no hesitation in recommending McNolty as a contractor or sub contractor and have since begun using them for a wide variety of plumbing and piping work on a regular basis.”

Jeff Clark

Operations Manager, Brookfield Properties Corp.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CFIA is responsible for the research and development of new vaccinations and quality control measures pertaining to the health and safety of food and animal development in Canada. Our environment is an infectious disease base and it is imperative that all personnel and sub-contractors strictly comply with our Health and Safety Procedures pertaining to Bio-Waste and containment.

McNolty has continually proven themselves to CFIA as a leader in the field of precision welding of both carbon steel and stainless steel, steam fitting. This company has also demonstrated expertise in pressure vessel modifications, confined space applications, hazardous environment monitoring, donning of hazmat personnel protective equipment, and full security compliance in high sensitive areas.

The mechanical alterations that needed to be completed required specific shut down time allotments and needed to be done exactly within the time frame specified so as not to interrupt our research process. McNolty has repeatedly proven their ability to complete these projects within the required time frame. Their personnel have always demonstrated a courteous and professional manner and have been a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend this company.”

Donald Robillard

Head of Operations and Maintenance, Canadian Food Inspection Agency