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CFIA is responsible for the research and development of new vaccinations and quality control measures pertaining to the health and safety of food and animal development in Canada. Our environment is an infectious disease base and it is imperative that all personnel and sub-contractors strictly comply with our Health and Safety Procedures pertaining to Bio-Waste and containment.

McNolty has continually proven themselves to CFIA as a leader in the field of precision welding of both carbon steel and stainless steel, steam fitting. This company has also demonstrated expertise in pressure vessel modifications, confined space applications, hazardous environment monitoring, donning of hazmat personnel protective equipment, and full security compliance in high sensitive areas.

The mechanical alterations that needed to be completed required specific shut down time allotments and needed to be done exactly within the time frame specified so as not to interrupt our research process. McNolty has repeatedly proven their ability to complete these projects within the required time frame. Their personnel have always demonstrated a courteous and professional manner and have been a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend this company.”

Donald Robillard

Head of Operations and Maintenance, Canadian Food Inspection Agency