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Due to the nature of our work, we tend to fabricate the majority of our prototype systems from high grade stainless steels and alloys. Our systems are often also attached to larger pilot-scale installations, which possess delicate electrical components or specialty refractory liners. Moreover, in some applications high pressure is also an issue, necessitating an adherence to TSSA and ASME standards and codes. For these reasons I feel very fortunate to have engaged the services of McNolty on a number of our projects. Their expertise in specialized welding and mechanical assembly as well as their extensive experience with pressure systems has made them my preferred choice to both build and modify our bench and pilot-scale equipment. In addition, I found them to be an extremely professional and capable organization, which maintained a very high level of quality and always met its deadlines.  I would highly recommend McNolty to anyone who is considering the fabrication or modification of atmospheric or pressurized systems, which could involve high grade stainless steel or alloys.

Carlos Salvador

Senior Research Engineer, Zero Emission Technologies Group, CanmetENERGY, NRC