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About Us

As a family owned and operated company, the name McNolty has become synonymous with Quality, Deliverability, and has a long standing history of meeting clients' needs consistently.

Our Mission

McNolty Mechanical was built on quality and continues to deliver on quality. Our core is our people and our customers. We provide premier service with benchmark levels of safety, turnaround time, and cooperation.  We specialize in finding clear solutions to complex problems by partnering with our clients.

Through teamwork we complete your projects safely, on time, and on budget.

Our Vision

McNolty will be built on a solid foundation of strength through its leaders, employees, partners, systems and technical strengths. Long term client relationship is our goal.

We are ready today for your growth tomorrow.

Technical Strengths

In a diversified field with large span essential variables, McNolty has become a leader in developing and implementing definitive, approved welding techniques to deliver the highest quality product to each and every client we serve.

Our Product Mandate is simple, control materials, environment and product. To do this effectively takes a high degree of planning and dedication.

Problem Solvers

With our highly experienced certified teams and resources to handle a wide variety of projects across a range of environments, McNolty have consistently proven their ability to solve problems and complete projects safely, on time and on budget.

Our Innovation. Your Edge.


Red Seal Certificate 1983
Don McNolty’s career in welding has spanned thirty very active years. After completing his studies, and receiving his provincial accreditation from British Columbia in welding techniques in the late 1960’s, Don progressed to pipeline welding, and worked for a number of years in the natural gas industry.

During that time, he expanded his knowledge of metallurgy and welding techniques, under the tutelage of the renowned Harry Thomason, a consulting engineer for Westinghouse Canada.

Further training followed at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT) in Vancouver, Canada. Subsequent to this, Don spent most of two decades working in the pulp and paper industry on the west coast as a certified “A Class”, “Red Seal” tradesman.

In the mid 1980’s, Don returned to Ontario as an entrepreneur. Over the past twenty five years, McNolty Industrial Services Inc. has grown to serve a wide range of industries, including health care, nuclear medicine, refrigeration, food production and processing, among others.

As McNolty continues to grow and expand its market share, the same quality, service and dependability that has been a trademark of Don McNolty remains its cornerstone.


In 2005, McNolty Industrial amalgamated its efforts and expertise with McNolty Mechanical (MMI) owned and operated by Don’s son, Landon McNolty. Landon’s field of experience extended to welding specialty alloys, welding procedure development, Red Seal steam fitting and associated super-heated systems, and the field of automated fabrication.

As every year passes, sustainable growth and a vision of expanding the market share in fields demanding technical experience has become a cornerstone of McNolty’s business development strategy. Ensuring that quality and client satisfaction are fundamentally incorporated into our daily operations has made McNolty the contractor of choice for highly technical projects.

Technical Expertise

Materials such as stainless steel, T-22 chrome alloys, Inconel 625 and others are received, inspected, quarantined and stored separately from the fabrication area to limit “cross contamination” and ensure we deliver a consistent, quality product. The fabrication shop utilizes epoxy flooring to provide easy cleaning and decontamination for controlled alloy welding and assembly along with state of the art air scrubbing and cleansing equipment, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety.

Precision welding of alloys poses many challenges and hazards that require proactive measures. Quality Assurance (QA) – Quality Control (QC) protocol ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is incorporated into our philosophy — from the research and development of new welding procedures, to dissimilar metal fusion, to the scheduled care and maintenance of the equipment that is used in all our processes.

This technical expertise is just one aspect of McNolty that makes us the contractor of choice.