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Meet the Team

The heart of McNolty

Find out a little more about the people who make McNolty so effective.

Landon McNolty

President and CEO

Red Seal Steam Fitter, Finance Manager, Senior Estimator, Marketing Director with 20 years experience in the industrial trades. Through his dedication and strong leadership, Landon has carved out the directions that have lead to McNolty’s outstanding achievements and accomplishments.
Contact: landon@mcnolty.ca

Chris Smith

Senior Project Manager

Site Coordination, Scheduling and Construction Estimation, PR and Human Resource Management. Reinvesting what we learn means that each client both adds to and benefits from our cumulative knowledge.
Contact: chris@mcnolty.ca

Ray Romagna

Quality Control & Fabrication Shop Manager

Journeyman and Incident Safety Officer certified, Materials Control & Tracing, Systems & Fitting Registration, Accident Investigation & Reporting, Risk Management, Project Planning & Documentation, White Water Rescue & Mechanical Extrication technician. In fact, with over 15 years health, safety and rescue experience, we haven’t got room to list everything Ray does and excels at.
Contact: ray@mcnolty.ca

Donald McNolty

Team Leader

45 years industrial and innovative consultation. From maintenance team leader for MacMillan Bloedel Industrial Pulp and Paper Industry to managing the installation of Natural Gas Pipe Lines, Don has been an essential and respected part of the industry. Red Seal Certified as a high pressure operator, Don has also developed dissimilar metal fusion procedures.

Jennifer Van Galder

3D Model Designer

A highly skilled Mechanical Technologist and Designer, Jennifer is the latest member to join the McNolty ‘family’.  Contact: jennifer@mcnolty.ca

Jim Kelso

Jim Kelso

HSE Manager

Karen Wyssen

Administrative Assistant

Karen is the latest member to join the McNolty ‘family’. Her strong organizational skills, software proficiency and an eye for detail provide a welcome addition to the team’s day-to-day support. Contact: karen@mcnolty.ca

Marc Laviolette

Field Foreman, Plumber
Jim Kelso

Eric Groulx


Tim Leonard

Superintendent Estimator

Contact: tim@mcnolty.ca

Ed Tierney

Foreman Pembroke

Quality Support

McNolty strive to produce the highest Quality product possible. It is our mission to ensure client satisfaction, inspire confidence in our abilities and establish long term relationships.

Innovative Ideas

At McNolty we enjoy a challenge, which leads us to develop effective solid solutions to keep projects on time and on budget.

Clear Communication

McNolty pride ourselves on our clear communication in our administration, planning, services and safety practices. It is a critical part of ensuring everyone gets home safe at the end of the day.

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