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York International was contracted by our firm to supply and install a 500-ton variable speed drive chiller, free cooling heat exchange, and all mechanical electrical and architecture work to create a new mechanical room and tie it in to our existing 3000-ton central chilled water plant.  McNolty was sub-contracted to carry out the installation and welding of the chilled water piping which included approximately 300 feet of supply and return piping. The piping system was mostly 12″ steel pipe but included 8″, 10″ and a tie-in to our existing 18″ header. They also installed seven chilled water pumps ranging from 40-75 HP and their associated fittings.

All welding and fitting was of the highest quality and the execution of the work was excellent as well. At all times the job site was kept clean, well organized and safe. McNolty staff were extremely cooperative with our staff in ensuring all details of the piping met the design intentions and would be serviceable in the future. This cooperation was commended by both the project managers and the operations staff. The tie-in was held on a weekend as the shutdown of our central chilled water plant affected two city blocks. The shutdown was executed exactly as planned and the plant was restored to operation with no delays.

The entire project was carried out with no negative impact on the operation of our facilities and without disruption to our tenants.  The complete project was up and running within the expected timelines and the new chiller plant is a pleasure to operate. We have no hesitation in recommending McNolty as a contractor or sub contractor and have since begun using them for a wide variety of plumbing and piping work on a regular basis.”

Jeff Clark

Operations Manager, Brookfield Properties Corp.