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Jet Fuel Line

Project Description

Phase 1, Fuel Line Construction Project #TR090010

“On December 2, 2008 Landon McNolty of McNolty completed their last weld at fuel hydrant number 5. The project started on September 15, 2008. During those two and half months Black & McDonald and McNolty fitted, dressed & welded 2,300+ feet of double walled epoxy coated jet fuel piping.”

Carrier Pipe

“The majority of the carrier piping was 10 inch diameter ASTM A106 Grade B SCH 40 seamless which was constructed to ASME B31.3 NORMAL FLUID SERVICE with the exception of instead of 10% X-rayed the joints; the joints underwent 100% X-ray.”

Carrier Pipe

“The majority of the containment piping was 14 inch diameter ASTM A53 Grade B SCH 10 ERW piping which was constructed to ASME B31.3 NORMAL FLUID SERVICE.

Over all out of 107 joints there were 3 repairs. This is an extraordinary feet considering the welding was outdoors on the taxi way of an airport subject to less than ideal weather conditions.”
– JM, Proj Mgr B&M Ltd.

Project Details

Client: CFB Trenton
Skills: Fitting, Dressing, Welding